10 reasons why small businesses should use Hosted Virtual Desktop



The idea behind cloud computing and hosted virtual desktops is that they provide the same features, tools and ways of working as traditional IT, but with a different method of

accessing them. Whilst the services look and feel familiar, behind the scenes they bring a raft of benefits:


1  Financially Economical
Save on CapEx and improve cash flow by purchasing IT services on a pay as you go (PAYG) model. Save money on the soft, or ‘hidden’ cost of IT by taking advantage of fully managed services.


2  Go Green

Use in conjunction with thin clients and cut your IT power consumption by up to 90%!


3  Improve productivity

Improve your workforce’s productivity allowing them to share applications, and collaborate on company data more effectively.


4  Flexible working

Access your files, folders, emails, applications and entire corporate network wherever you are in the world.


5 Use any device

Use Windows or Mac O/S and even mobile devices (android & IoS) to connect to your hosted virtual desktop from anywhere, anytime.


6  Add resources on -demand

Only pay for the IT resources you need right now by scaling resources up and down as you need them, on demand.


Free security updates & support

Take advantage of the managed service delivery methodology of hosted virtual desktop to ensure automatic deployment of the very latest security updates and inclusive platform support.


8  Backup and Recovery

Ensure the security of your data by taking advantage of hosted virtual desktops state of the art backup and recovery procedures.


9  Disaster Recovery

Take advantage of hosted virtual desktop’s enterprise class redundancy features ensuring your IT Services are always available.


10  Service Level Guarantee

Ensure your services are managed and supported to guarantee 99.99% availability.


To see hosted virtual desktop in action visit: http://bit.ly/BLFHostedDesktop


Image by: Bruce Clay, Inc