Do IT Soonr… not later.



Soonr is the latest addition to our portfolio of cloud services for SMEs. We’ve been using if for a while now and thought it was about time we wrote a blog about our own user experience of the service.


So first things first, what is Soonr?

For businesses of all sizes, Soonr is a collaboration and mobile content management tool that provides a safe, cloud-based system for the uploading and sharing of files. Like Dropbox, Soonr pulls everything together into a single online repository and you use that as you would a traditional Windows file share. The advantages Soonr has over Dropbox is that it has management and security features built-in.



It is especially applicable for work on projects that involve individuals in and out of the office or between different departments within one office.


A Soonr Team consists of three types of users: Administrator, Members and Connections.  Administrators create team accounts, Members are people you work with internally and Connections are people you work with outside your company e.g. clients, suppliers, outsourced service providers.


Thanks to its advanced syncing technology, files can be securely shared using any device, including tablets, smartphones, PCs and laptops.



What’s wrong with my current file sharing process?

Digital files are relied upon by just about every business under the sun in some way, and tend to be kept on servers and devices internally within offices.


Email is often the main form of sharing documents, the downside of this is that you have lots of emails flying around, you could have two people working on the same document and consequently you don’t know which the latest version is.


What Soonr provides is the assurance that every file is automatically backed up – removing the threat of theft, file corruption or data loss. The software even keeps access open to files that have been deleted.


But backup is just the tip of the iceberg with this nifty collaboration tool. The search function is particularly beneficial in speeding up the process of digging out files that traditionally may have been stored on an individual’s computer or hidden deep within a poorly labelled library of files on the server.


Is it secure?

File sharing has an added safety feature in that it can only be carried out by users provisioned by your admin team. Perhaps most impressively, Soonr can be accessed offline as well as online. ‘How is that possible?’ I hear you ask?


Basically any project stored via Soonr can be synced on a PC for local access within a business. Mark files as ‘favourites’ and you can even save them to a mobile device to be viewed with or without an internet connection.


Is it mobile friendly?  

Soonr supports over 800 mobile devices including iPhone, Android and Blackberry making the user experience as simple yet effective as possible. Team members who are out of the office can stay in the loop through text messages or email alerts with the ability to view files and comments on any device.


The result is a truly mobile tool which is ideally suited to today’s increasing globally minded, flexibly working businesses. Everything you and your company hold on Soonr can be accessed via your mobile device or PC.


The verdict

In this current climate when resources are stretched and many businesses are operating with minimal manpower, Soonr is an excellent way of boosting your productivity without breaking the bank.


The tool enables you to clearly see who has done what and when on an easy-to-use dashboard and even allows you to create email / SMS notification alerts when a file is changed. When staff leave your business, their access to the Soonr account can be immediately switched off, meaning their work doesn’t leave with them. In all, Soonr has the power to dramatically improve your productivity and is well worth the relatively small cost given the resources it could save you and projects it will help you succeed in.